Welcome to an exciting world of culinary trends with our sensational Pickle Kit. Perfect for those who love a blend of tangy, spicy, and downright delicious, this kit will let you recreate the viral Chamoy Pickle trend that's taken TikTok by storm.

Inspired by the authentic Hispanic Chamoy flavour, our Pickle Kit comes with the renowned Van Holten’s Pickles, celebrated for their unique taste, texture, and quality. Available in a variety of flavours, such as dill, hot and spicy, and garlic, these pickles are crafted from high-quality ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives.

The Legendary Van Holten's Pickles

Vividly pickling since 1898, Van Holten’s Pickles define the pinnacle of pickle perfection. Boldly featuring flavours from Dill to Tapatio to Warheads, their Pickle-In-A-Pouch is the cornerstone of our kit and your ticket to creating a snack experience unlike any other.

Van Holten Pickle Kit

TikTok-Inspired Delights

Alongside Van Holten's Pickles, our Pickle Kit allows you to make the viral TikTok-inspired roll-ups, the perfect pairing for your chamoy adventure. Wrap your pickle in deli meat or cheese, stuff it with spicy sweets or crisps, then drizzle it with hot sauce and chilli powder. Customize to your heart's content and create the ultimate tangy treat!

Versatile and Fun

Our pickles don't just stop at TikTok trends. They add a flavourful twist to sandwiches, burgers, and other savoury dishes, turning any meal into an extraordinary one.

Pickle Kits for Everyone

Whether you're a pickle enthusiast or a newcomer wanting to try the viral trend, our Pickle Kit is the perfect place to start. The pickles come in various sizes, from individually packaged treats to larger jars for sharing the excitement with friends and family.

Ready to partake in the Chamoy Pickle frenzy or simply elevate your snack game? Shop now and discover the unforgettable taste sensation of our Pickle Kit!