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Welcome to SoSweet, the UK's premier destination for an exceptional range of sweets and traditional confectionery that caters to all tastes and preferences. From traditional British sweets to unique freeze-dried treats, our collection promises to delight and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Explore Our Wide Selection of Sweets

At SoSweet, we feature a variety of sweets including American candies, Haribo gummies, and retro treats that bring a nostalgic touch to your confectionery experience. Whether you love millions candies or tutti frutti treats, we have something for everyone. Our range also includes delightful pink sweets ideal for themed parties and special occasions.

Our freeze-dried sweets offer a unique twist with their original flavours and crunchy, airy texture that's simply irresistible. For those who enjoy a variety of textures and flavours, our pick and mix sweets are perfect. Create your own personalised mix from our wide selection to satisfy your cravings.

Pick and Mix Sweets

The pick and mix section at SoSweet is a paradise for sweet lovers. Choose from a vast array of flavours and textures, including fizzy, jelly, foam, chewy, sour, and popping candy. Mix and match your favourites to create a unique assortment tailored just for you. Our pick and mix sweets are perfect for any occasion, from casual snacking to themed parties.

Vegan and Sugar-Free Options

We cater to various dietary preferences with our wide selection of vegan and sugar-free sweets. Our vegan range includes popular options like fruit salad gummies and squashies, while our sugar-free selection ensures guilt-free indulgence without compromising on taste. Our vegan treats are made without any animal products, ensuring they are both ethical and delicious. Similarly, our sugar-free candies are perfect for those monitoring their sugar intake, allowing you to enjoy sweet treats without the sugar rush.

Haribo and Other Popular Brands

Our selection of branded sweets includes beloved names like Haribo, Swizzels, Barratt, Kingsway, Vidal, Cadbury, Sweeto, Bebeto, Galaxy, Mars, M&M, Jolly Rancher, and Hershey's. Whether you're looking for Haribo Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix, Heart Throbs, or Twin Cherries, we have all your favourites. Swizzels' Love Hearts, Parma Violets, and Fizzers, Barratt's Dip Dab, Sherbet Fountain, and Jelly Babies, and Kingsway's vast range of treats are all available at SoSweet.

Perfect for All Occasions

Our pick and mix sweets are ideal for any event, from birthday parties to corporate gatherings. With our bulk buy sweets and wholesale options, you can easily stock up for any celebration. Whether you need a variety of sweets for a wedding candy bar or a selection of treats for a school event, we've got you covered. Planning a themed party? Our blue and pink sweets are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your celebrations. From baby showers to gender reveal parties, these colourful treats will make your event even more special.

Unique and Specialty Sweets

Our specialty ranges cater to every preference, ensuring that no matter what you're looking for, you'll find it at SoSweet. From tangy sour candies to the traditional taste of rhubarb and custard sweets, our selection is designed to please every palate. For those who enjoy a chewy texture, our Maoam candies and Bebeto gummies offer a delightful chewiness that complements their rich flavours. If you prefer something more traditional, our fruit salad gummies are a perfect choice, bursting with fruity flavours that are sure to satisfy.

Chocolate Lovers' Paradise

For chocolate enthusiasts, SoSweet offers an impressive array of options. Indulge in our selection of milk chocolate, dark chocolate, orange chocolate, and mint chocolate from top brands like Cadbury, Galaxy, and Hershey's. Whether you're craving a classic Dairy Milk bar, the playful charm of Freddos, or the rich flavour of mint chocolate, we have something to satisfy every chocolate lover.

Easy Online Shopping

Ordering your favourite sweets has never been easier. At SoSweet, you can browse our extensive selection of sweets online, add them to your cart, and enjoy a seamless checkout process. Our secure payment methods and swift delivery ensure you receive your treats in perfect condition. Our user-friendly website helps you find exactly what you're looking for, from specific sweets to new arrivals. Detailed product descriptions and customer reviews assist in making informed decisions about your purchases.

We offer flexible delivery options, including standard and express delivery, ensuring your sweets arrive fresh and ready to enjoy. Our reliable delivery service makes sure your order reaches you in perfect condition, no matter where you are in the UK.

Bulk and Wholesale Options

Whether you need tubs of sweets for a party or want to offer a variety of sweets at your store, our bulk and wholesale options provide great value and variety. Choose from popular choices like squashies and Bebeto gummies. Our bulk options are perfect for businesses, event planners, and sweet enthusiasts who want to stock up on their favourite treats. Our wholesale selection includes classic British sweets and popular American candies. By purchasing in bulk, you can enjoy significant savings while ensuring you always have plenty of sweets on hand.

For retailers, our wholesale sweets are an excellent way to expand your product offerings and attract more customers. With our competitive prices and high-quality products, you can offer your customers the best sweets at great prices. Plus, our reliable supply chain ensures that you always have the stock you need, when you need it.

Perfect for Festive Seasons

Embrace the festive spirit with our specially curated collections. From Halloween sweets to Christmas treats, we have the perfect goodies for any occasion. Our themed sweets are designed to add a special touch to your celebrations, making them even more memorable.

Our Halloween sweets include a spooky selection of candies and chocolates that are perfect for trick-or-treaters. From gummy eyeballs to chocolate pumpkins, our Halloween range is sure to delight both kids and adults alike. For Christmas, our festive sweets are perfect for stocking fillers, party favours, and holiday gifts. Choose from a variety of seasonal treats, including candy canes, chocolate Santas, and festive fudge. Our Christmas sweets are sure to bring joy and sweetness to your holiday celebrations.

Valentine's Day is another special occasion where our love heart sweets shine. These sweet messages are perfect for sharing with loved ones and adding a romantic touch to your Valentine's celebrations.

Candy of All Kinds

At SoSweet, we understand that variety is the spice of life, and our selection reflects that. From chewy to crunchy, sour to sweet, we have it all. Indulge in our wide range of chewy candies, such as Maoam and Bebeto gummies, which provide a satisfying texture and rich flavour. For those who prefer a more traditional treat, our selection of boiled sweets, such as cough candy and traditional wrapped sweets, offers a nostalgic experience.

Our fizzy candies, like those from Haribo and Swizzels, add a zesty punch to your candy collection, while our jelly sweets, such as Jelly Babies and jelly beans, provide a soft, chewy delight. Foam sweets, like marshmallows and foam bananas, offer a light and airy texture that melts in your mouth.

Variety Packs and Gift Boxes

Our variety packs and gift boxes are perfect for those who want to sample a little bit of everything or give the gift of sweetness to someone special. Choose from a range of pre-selected assortments or create your own custom gift box. These make great presents for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Sweet Tubs and Packets

For those who like to buy in bulk or need to cater to a large crowd, our sweet tubs and packets are the ideal solution. Available in various sizes, including 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg bags, our bulk sweets provide great value and ensure you never run out of your favourite treats. Our sweet tubs are perfect for parties, events, or simply keeping a stock of sweets at home.

Specialty Chocolates

For chocolate aficionados, our selection includes a wide range of specialty chocolates. From rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate, and unique flavours like orange and mint chocolate, there is something for every chocolate lover. Brands like Cadbury, Galaxy, Mars, and Hershey's provide a diverse selection of bars, bites, and specialty items that are perfect for indulging your sweet tooth.

Why SoSweet Stands Out

At SoSweet, we are passionate about providing top-quality sweets and excellent customer service. Our commitment to quality ensures that every sweet you purchase is fresh, delicious, and beautifully packaged. We invite you to explore our full range of sweets and discover the joy of indulging in your favourite treats. Order now and experience the best in confectionery with SoSweet.

Our dedication to quality extends to every aspect of our business. From sourcing the finest ingredients to ensuring our products are packaged with care, we strive to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. Our sweets are made by trusted manufacturers who share our commitment to quality and excellence.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns. Whether you need help choosing the perfect sweets or have a question about your order, we're here to help.

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At SoSweet, we offer a wide variety of sweets that meet our high standards of quality. Our British sweets are sourced from traditional confectioners who use the finest ingredients to create authentic flavours. Similarly, our American sweets bring the best of U.S. candy culture to your doorstep, offering everything from iconic brands to niche favourites.

Retro Sweets

One of the highlights of shopping with SoSweet is our extensive range of retro sweets. These nostalgic treats are perfect for reliving childhood memories or introducing classic flavours to a new generation. Our retro selection includes everything from rhubarb and custard sweets to love heart sweets, ensuring there's something for everyone. Other retro favourites include Barratt's Dip Dab and Sherbet Fountain, Swizzels' Parma Violets and Fizzers, and Kingsway's vast range of traditional sweets.

Health and Wellness

For those who are health-conscious, SoSweet offers a range of options that cater to your needs. Our selection includes sugar-free sweets that provide all the flavour without the added sugar, perfect for those monitoring their sugar intake. We also offer a variety of vegan sweets, free from animal products, ensuring they are both ethical and delicious.

Convenient Packaging

Our sweets come in a variety of packaging options to suit your needs. From small packets perfect for snacking to large tubs ideal for parties, we have it all. Our sweets are also available in various weights, including 1kg, 2kg, and 3kg bags, providing flexibility whether you're buying for yourself or planning an event.

Specialty Sweets

In addition to our vast selection of traditional and popular sweets, SoSweet also offers a range of specialty products. These include:

  • Halal Sweets: Suitable for everyone, these treats meet strict dietary requirements without compromising on taste.
  • Popping Candy: For a fun, fizzy experience, our popping candy is a hit with kids and adults alike.
  • Cotton Candy: Light and fluffy, our cotton candy is perfect for fairs, parties, or just a sweet treat.
  • Chocolate Varieties: From mint chocolate to orange chocolate, our selection caters to every chocolate lover's preference.

Seasonal Selections

SoSweet also offers specially curated selections for various seasons and holidays. From Halloween and Christmas to Easter and Valentine's Day, we have the perfect treats to make your celebrations even sweeter. Our seasonal selections are designed to add a festive touch to any occasion, with themed sweets and gift boxes that are sure to delight.

SoSweet is dedicated to providing the best sweets online in the UK. With our extensive selection, high-quality products, and excellent customer service, we strive to make every sweet experience memorable. Whether you're looking for traditional British sweets, unique freeze-dried treats, or a specific type of candy, you'll find it at SoSweet. Explore our collection today and indulge in the finest sweets available. Order now and enjoy the ultimate sweet shopping experience with SoSweet.