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The SoSweet Spectrum of Pick n Mix Sweets

SoSweet stands as a bastion of indulgence in the UK's confectionery market, home to the nation's most expansive collection of pick n mix sweets. Our shelves boast a variety that spans from classic favourites to innovative new delights, all available in sizes ranging from the handy 1kg packs to the grandiose 10kg selections for any and every occasion.

Every Colour, Every Flavour

When you browse our selection, you are greeted with a kaleidoscope of sweets. Our Blue, Fizzy & Jelly Sweets 3kg for £15 is a celebration of hues and tastes, offering a perfect combination for those who adore a bit of variety and surprise in their sweet consumption.

The Perfect Portion for Every Sweet Tooth

For those who appreciate an abundant supply of their favourite treats, our 1kg Sweets are a dream come true. Imagine the delight of unravelling 2kg of Pick'n'Mix Sweet Bags for only £10! It's a bounty that promises to keep your sweet cravings at bay.

Versatility at Its Finest

Our confections are designed to suit any event. From the lively 2KG Fizzy Mix that's bound to spark joy at any celebration, to the 2KG Jelly Sweet Mix, which offers a classic taste sensation, our sweets are the perfect guest for any festivity.

Sweets That Suit Every Lifestyle

With the evolving dietary preferences and requirements, SoSweet has something for everyone. Our range includes vegan-friendly and sugar-free options, ensuring that no one misses out on the fun. Indulge in our Jelly Sweets 3kg for £15 or add a spark to your day with our Fizzy Sweets 3kg for £15, without compromising on your lifestyle choices.

A Tradition of Sweet Excellence

With SoSweet, you’re not just purchasing sweets; you're creating moments of happiness. Our Halloween Bugs & Grubs Pick'n'Mix Sweets Bucket (2kg) is perfect for seasonal festivities, while our NEW 2KG Sweets: Blue Pick'n'Mix Grab Bag (Resealable) ensures your favourites stay fresh.

The SoSweet Assurance

Choosing SoSweet means opting for unparalleled variety and quality. Whether it’s the NEW 2KG Pick'n'Mix Jelly Sweets Mix Grab Bag (Resealable) for a non-fizzy treat or the NEW 2KG Pick'n'Mix Fizzy Sweets Mix Grab Bag (Resealable) for that extra zing, we deliver joy in every bag.

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