1kg Sweets

Explore our colourful assortment of 1kg Sweets, featuring pick n mix sweets in 1kg grab bags. Each bag is packed with halal-certified treats in shades of blue and pink, including fizzy, jelly, foam, and chocolate varieties. Perfect for those eager to enjoy a delightful and diverse mix of 1kg sweets.

Begin Your Sweet Expedition with Our 1kg Sweets Collection

A Symphony of Flavours in Every Kilogram

Delve into a world of sugary delight with SoSweet Shop's 1kg sweets collection. Each kilogram bag is an invitation to indulge in a curated selection of flavours that cater to every preference. From the juicy bursts of gummy candies to the alluring tang of sour treats, our 1kg sweets range is crafted to entice and satisfy.

Time-Honoured Treats and Modern Twists

Our 1kg sweets collection is an homage to the confectionery traditions we cherish, infused with innovative spins that resonate with contemporary tastes. Perfect for connoisseurs and casual candy lovers alike, these sweets offer an ideal mix for gatherings, gifting, or simply stocking up your treat stash.

Diversity in Every Bite

Explore our captivating variety, including a spectrum of halal-certified options, ensuring there's a delightful choice for everyone. Whether it's the soft, chewy textures you seek or the spark of fizzy candies, our 1kg selection is designed to deliver pure joy by the kilogram.

More Than Just Candy: An Experience

Beyond the individual flavours, our 1kg sweets range represents an experience to be shared and savoured. Navigate through our expansive selection of fizzy, jelly, and assorted candies, each adding a special note to our 1kg offerings. SoSweet Shop is dedicated to making your candy experience memorable with every purchase.

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