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Welcome to SoSweet, Your Boiled Sweets Paradise

Dive into the enchanting world of traditional confectionery at SoSweet, the leading destination in the UK for boiled sweets. We’ve curated an impressive range of these hard candies, each offering a journey of nostalgia and a whirlwind of flavours.

Cherished Tradition of Boiled Sweets

Boiled sweets have always been more than just candies. They're a stroll down memory lane, packed with vibrant colours and rich natural flavours. At SoSweet, we've revived the age-old craft of making these sweets, reminiscent of simpler times. Each sweet is a result of a careful process of simmering sugar, infusing natural essences, and incorporating lively colours - a small marvel promising a burst of nostalgia with every bite.

Unravelling the Flavourful Assortment

Our vast collection boasts an array of delicious options. From classic fruity boiled sweets like tangy strawberry, zesty lemon from a classic sherbet lemon, and succulent raspberry to traditional treats like rich cola, aromatic aniseed, and the ever-popular rhubarb and custard. Our selection is designed to appeal to all, ensuring every sweet lover finds their perfect match.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

At SoSweet, we place the utmost importance on quality. We collaborate with esteemed confectioners, committed to crafting superior boiled sweets that embody our passion for taste and quality. Each sweet is meticulously crafted using premium ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience.

Boiled Sweets Individually Wrapped

Relish the Classic Army & Navy Sweets

Our selection includes the cherished Army & Navy sweets, a true British classic. These delightful lozenges feature a soothing blend of blackcurrant and indulgent liquorice flavours, offering a comforting sense of nostalgia with every bite.

Your Trusted Online Sweet Shop

At SoSweet, we aim to be your trusted partner for your sweet cravings. Just like a quaint, old-fashioned sweet shop, we offer a vast range of traditional candies, with a special emphasis on boiled sweets. Browse through our extensive collection today, and embark on a delightful journey of sweetness and nostalgia.

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