Fruit Roll Ups

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Discover the Colourful World of Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Ups at SoSweet

Experience a carnival of colours and flavours with Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Ups, a delightful snack curated for joy and good taste. This mouth-watering creation comes from the esteemed house of Betty Crocker, delighting snack lovers since their inception. Known for their irresistible taste, these fruit roll-ups have become a must-have snack and a versatile ingredient for trendy Chamoy creations.

Unravel the Fruit Roll-Ups Range at SoSweet

At SoSweet, our selection of Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Ups presents an enticing parade of flavours. Each pack is a delicious dance of taste on your palate.

Tropical Tie-Dye

Embrace the tropics with an exotic assortment of fruit flavours, transporting your taste buds to sun-kissed beaches.

Variety Pack

Experience a perfect medley of delicious flavours, bringing a sweet surprise with every bite.

Strawberry Sensation

Satisfy your berry cravings with the lush sweetness of strawberries, captivatingly wrapped in a vibrant red.

Fruit Roll-Ups and the Chamoy Revolution

Adding an adventurous twist to Fruit Roll-Ups, Chamoy presents a unique combination of salty, sweet, sour, and spiced flavours. Originating from Mexico, this fiery concoction has taken the world by storm, with Fruit Roll-Ups now a key ingredient, offering a sweet contrast to Chamoy's tangy charm.

Beyond Fruit Roll-Ups: Explore the Betty Crocker Range

The world of Betty Crocker's fruity delights extends beyond just Fruit Roll-Ups. Explore our wider range, including the irresistible Fruit By The Foot, and the juicy goodness of Fruit Gushers.

Blastin' Berry Hot Colors

Relish the colourful burst of mixed berries, a true explosion of taste just as its name suggests.

Jolly Rancher Variety Pack

Experience the bold Jolly Rancher flavours, ingeniously woven into the classic Fruit Roll-Ups format.

Pizza Peel N Build

Enjoy a unique Fruit Roll-Ups experience that allows your creativity to shine with an interactive snacking adventure.

Savour the Taste of Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Ups

Immerse yourself in the delectable world of Betty Crocker's Fruit Roll-Ups. Let your taste buds dance in joy with our wide range of flavours. Discover your new favourite snack today and order from SoSweet, your trusted provider of quality snacks.

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