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Welcome to SoSweet - The UK's Favourite Sweet Shop!

Halal Pick n Mix

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Welcome to SoSweet – The Ultimate Paradise of Halal Pick and Mix Sweets

Uncover a universe of exquisite flavours and divine Halal delights at SoSweet, the UK's elite sweet shop! We take immense pride in presenting our premium range of Halal Pick and Mix Sweets, a medley of tantalizing treats that aren't just irresistibly delicious, but also 100% Halal Certified.

Experience Variety with Our Halal Sweets

At SoSweet, we firmly believe that variety is the key to sweetness. That's why we bring to you an expansive range of Halal sweets. Dive into our Halal Sweets Collection and let your taste buds embark on an enticing journey!

Savour Our Premium Halal Pick and Mix

Your voyage to a sugary wonderland starts with our Halal Pick and Mix Sweets. Our carefully curated, pre-packed mixes offer you the crème de la crème of our confections, freshly prepared for dispatch on the day of your order.

Inspired by our deep-rooted Muslim family values, we ensure all our sweets are either HMC certified or Vegan stamped. This isn't merely a commitment; it's our unwavering pledge of quality and integrity.

Explore Our Exclusive Halal Sweet Delights

Embark on a fizzy adventure with our Halal Fizzy Mix (1kg), a tantalising blend for those who relish a playful tang with their sweetness. Overflowing with vibrant flavours, this mix promises to add a burst of zest to your day.

For a fun spin on your sweet treats, dive into our Sweetzone Bag Baby Dolphins (1kg). These delightful dolphin-shaped confections are as enjoyable as they are scrumptious. Embark on this sweet marine adventure today!

Indulge in the fizziness of our Sweetzone Tub Fizzy Blue and Pink Bubblegum Bottles (600pcs). A blend of sweet and tangy flavours, it's a party in a tub waiting just for you!

Limited Edition 1Kg Halal Sweet Tubs – Grab Yours Now!

For a limited time, we're offering our specially curated Halal sweet tubs, packed with a full kilo of your favourite treats. Seize this golden opportunity to stock up on our luscious sweets at unbeatable prices. But act swiftly, these much-coveted tubs won't last long!

Your Safety is Our Priority: Check Ingredients and Allergens Before Ordering

We steadfastly believe in transparency and your safety. That's why all our Pick and Mix Loose Sweets come with detailed ingredients and allergen information. We strongly recommend checking our allergens and nutritional information page before ordering. Please be aware, our products may contain wheat, gluten, milk,sugar, sulphites, soya, or nuts.

Join Us on the Sweet Side of Life at SoSweet

At SoSweet, our mission is to bring to you the most diverse and delectable selection of Halal Pick and Mix Sweets in the UK. We're continually striving to expand our range and bring you the most mouthwatering Halal sweet experiences, ensuring we cater to every sweet tooth out there. Welcome to the sweet side of life, welcome to SoSweet!

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