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Push Pops

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Discover the World of Push Pops at SoSweet: A Candy Lover’s Delight

Experience the Colourful Array of Push Pop Flavours

Push Pops from SoSweet offer a playful and tasty journey through a spectrum of flavours, each designed to tantalise your taste buds. Our Push Pop selection is a celebration of fruity, tangy, and sweet sensations, making them a favourite for candy enthusiasts of every age.

Explore Our Diverse Push Pop Options:

  • Fruit Frenzy Push Pops: Choose from a tantalising variety including strawberry, apple, blue raspberry, watermelon, and cherry.
  • Jumbo Push Pops: Experience more of your favourite flavours with this larger-than-life version of the classic Push Pop.
  • Triple Power Push Pops: Delight in the ability to switch between three exciting flavours in one candy stick.
  • Mystery Flavour Push Pops: Embrace the surprise with our mystery flavour edition, which promises a thrilling taste adventure.

Why Indulge in Push Pops at SoSweet?

  • Engaging Eating Experience: Push Pops offer a unique, interactive way to enjoy candy. Simply push, lick, and cap the candy to savour the flavour bit by bit.
  • Perfect for On-the-Go: Thanks to their clever packaging, Push Pops are an ideal treat for dynamic lifestyles—enjoy them anywhere, anytime without a mess.
  • Collector’s Delight: With seasonal editions and special flavours, Push Pops are as collectible as they are delicious.
  • Party Favourites: Brighten any celebration with Push Pops, the candies that bring fun and flavour to birthday parties, school events, and family gatherings.

Your Sweet Adventure Awaits

SoSweet is proud to be the go-to retailer for Bazooka’s Push Pops in the UK. Our extensive range ensures there is a Push Pop to match every flavour preference and occasion. Visit us today and choose from our wide selection of Push Pops—where every push is a step towards a delightful candy experience.

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