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Indulge in One Pound Sweets at SoSweet

Looking for a sweet deal? At SoSweet, we understand the importance of offering great value treats at reasonable prices. Our selection of one pound sweets combines nostalgia with indulgence, without breaking the bank. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting someone else, our range of one pound sweets promises to deliver on taste and affordability.

Retro Treats: Assorted Foams for a Blast from the Past

Remember the fun of picking out foam sweets from your favourite pick-n-mix? Relive those memories with our assorted foams - from strawberry-flavoured shrimps to unique foam bananas. Enjoy these delightful treats at an affordable price of just one pound.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds with Fizzy Cola Bottles

Fizzy Cola Bottles are an iconic treat enjoyed by many. At SoSweet, we offer high-quality, budget-friendly fizzy cola bottles that deliver on both taste and texture. Rediscover an old favourite and make these a staple in your next SoSweet order.

Long-lasting Pleasure: Banana and Custard Boiled Sweets

Are you seeking a new taste sensation? Try our Banana and Custard boiled sweets. Perfect for a road trip or a quiet evening in front of the TV, these long-lasting treats are a delightful twist on traditional boiled sweets.

Liquorice Lovers Rejoice with Black and White Mints

If you're a liquorice fan, our Black and White Mints are a must-try. Combining the flavours of mint and liquorice, these unique treats are perfect for both newbies and long-time liquorice lovers.

Candy Sticks: Nostalgic Delights

Longing for the chewy candy sticks of yesteryears? Our Candy Sticks are a taste of nostalgia, offering the same chewy texture without the chalky aftertaste.

Among other unique treats, we have Bubblegum Pips that offer a blast of 90s nostalgia and Coconut Mushrooms that showcase the imaginative spirit of the sweet industry. And let's not forget our high-quality Chocolate Buttons, proof that you don't need to splurge for a taste of fine chocolate.

Discover More One Pound Sweets at SoSweet

The aforementioned treats are just a glimpse into the world of one pound sweets at SoSweet. From timeless classics to innovative modern sweets, there's a delightful treat waiting for you. SoSweet also boasts an impressive selection of delicious fudge and unique international treats, making us the perfect destination for all your sweet cravings.

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