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Liquid Death

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An Overview of Liquid Death

Liquid Death, a standout in the water industry, is a groundbreaking canned water company founded by Mike Cessario. With a memorable tagline - "murder your thirst", the brand has made significant strides in the market since its inception.

The Brand's Unique Offerings

Launched in January 2019, Liquid Death has quickly become synonymous with its distinct 16.9 US fl oz (500 ml) "tallboy" drink cans. The brand's innovative approach extends to its product portfolio, introducing a sparkling water variant in 2020 and adding flavored carbonated beverages and teas to its lineup.

Water Sourcing and Production

Ensuring quality at the source, Liquid Death's water is sourced from the pristine Austrian Alps, adding to its unique selling proposition. Further distinguishing itself, the company has embarked on an avant-garde journey with the production of NFTs named "Murder Head Death Club".

Success Story

Liquid Death has not only disrupted the beverage industry with its unique products and branding but also demonstrated notable success in a competitive market. As of October 2022, the company boasts a valuation of $700 million, showcasing its potential and significant growth.

Behind the Scenes of Liquid Death

Delaware native Mike Cessario, a former Netflix creative director, was inspired to create Liquid Death after observing a unique consumer behavior at a Vans Warped Tour in 2009. His vision for a brand that could market water similarly to energy drinks has been a key driver in Liquid Death's interesting marketing approach and subsequent success.

Investment Journey and Expansion

Starting from its humble beginnings, Liquid Death has seen impressive investment growth and expansion. With a successful series of funding rounds, the brand has grown its footprint, establishing presence in Whole Foods Market and 7-Eleven stores across the United States. With a projected revenue of $130 million for 2022, Liquid Death continues to build on its success story.

Creating a Buzz: Promotions and Media

Not one to shy away from attention, Liquid Death has released albums of death metal and punk rock music, featuring lyrics from online hate comments. The brand also made waves with its Super Bowl LVI advertisement, featuring children enjoying the beverage set to Judas Priest's song "Breaking the Law".

In essence, Liquid Death is not just a beverage brand - it's a revolution in the industry, redefining how water is perceived and consumed. With a blend of creativity, audacity, and high-quality products, Liquid Death is set to 'murder the thirst' of consumers for years to come.

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