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This Day in September: A Sweet Journey Through Time

This Day in September: A Sweet Journey Through Time - SoSweet

Jason Stanley |

This Day in September: A Sweet Journey Through Time

As the autumn winds begin to whisper and the leaves start their fiery transformation, September marks a transitional time. But did you know that this month also holds a special place in the world of sweets? Let's unwrap the mysteries of September together, and discover why it's a perfect month for indulging your sweet tooth.

September in History: Candy Milestones

The sweet industry has seen its share of September wonders. From the invention of timeless candies to pivotal moments that shaped the sweet world, here are some historical snippets you might not know:

  • In the early 1900s, the first mass-produced chocolate bars began to emerge, forever altering the way people consumed cocoa. Imagine biting into a fresh, creamy bar for the first time!
  • Did you know that jelly beans, a favourite in many pick'n'mix assortments, were first advertised as a September treat? Back then, they were a luxury product often reserved for special occasions.
  • Several iconic sweets and candies that we enjoy today were introduced at World Fairs held in September, showcasing innovations in flavours, textures, and packaging.

September’s Sweet Offerings: Why Wait for Halloween?

While many associate October with all things sugary thanks to Halloween, September has its own set of delectable treats. In anticipation of All Hallow's Eve, why not start the celebrations early with a hauntingly good collection of Halloween sweets?

And if you're more of a traditionalist, September is an excellent month to enjoy timeless treats. With the cool weather approaching, it's the perfect time to dive into a hearty 1kg bag of your favourite sweets. Imagine sharing stories of past Septembers while indulging in the taste of nostalgia.

Embrace the Season with SoSweet Shop

As we reminisce about the sweetness of yesteryears, it's also a time to create new memories. Whether you're a fan of timeless classics or looking to try new flavours, SoSweet Shop has a treat tailored just for you.

From the tantalising variety available in our pick'n'mix collections to the satisfying heft of our 1kg sweets bags, and not forgetting our spine-chilling Halloween selections, embark on a flavourful journey this September and make it a month to remember.

This September, let the winds of nostalgia and the promise of new memories guide your taste buds. After all, life is a little sweeter with a candy in hand. Here’s to a delightful, sugar-coated month ahead with SoSweet Shop!