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Things are starting to look a bit SPOOKY!

Things are starting to look a bit SPOOKY! - SoSweet

Sophie Thorne |

Evenings are starting to get darker quicker, and the jackets are starting to peep their way back out of your wardrobe, which can only mean one thing... HALLOWEEN IS OFFICIALLY ON IT'S WAY!

Personally, Halloween couldn't come sooner, I love all the horror films, pumpkin carving and most importantly all the treats from Trick or Treating! Which leads me on to the exciting part, we've started getting all of our Halloween deliveries this week, and some of your favourite Halloween Treats are now in stock! Including Nerds Candy Corn, Warheads Pumpkin Tubes, Candy Corn Pumpkin Tubes, Sour Punch Halloween Boxes, Warheads Halloween Boxes and also Smarties Halloween Boxes... and there's even more to come!

We've all got our favourite Halloween themed sweets and candy, but we know that you are all OBSESSED with Candy Corn, this year we will be getting all sorts of flavours and varieties, but honestly, we are pretty hooked on the Nerds Candy Corn we have in at the moment! The fruity, chewy bits of corn shaped candy are exactly what we need to get in that autumnal mood... especially with the typical British weather making it's appearance once again!

So the real question here is, which Halloween Sweets are you most excited for?