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Have a Happy Halloween with Several Scary Sweet Varieties

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Have a Happy Halloween with Several Scary Sweet Varieties
There will have been many times when parents have visited the shop to ensure that trick or treating and Halloween parties are successful, only to find that choice is limited regarding sweets.
Fortunately, parents do not have to worry about sweet shortages this year, as So Sweet has gone above and beyond to ensure that there are plenty of Halloween-themed treats to keep the masses happy that are original, affordable, and dispatched the same day they are ordered.
This ensures there is no risk of you running out of fiendish treats when the little monsters come calling, as well as ensuring Halloween parties are remembered for the right reasons. 
If you are searching for inspiration on delicious and innovative treats that can be enjoyed during Halloween and throughout the year, then why not consider some of the following.
Vidal Jelly Filled Brains Are the Perfect Halloween Treat
If you are searching for a delicious treat that embraces the fun factor of Halloween, then you will find what you are looking for with these disgusting delicacies. The children will love pretending to be a zombie when biting into these bright blue and pink fruity jellies that also contain a soft gooey centre.
Although more shocking than some other Halloween-themed treats, Vidal Jelly Filled Brains are no less delicious, and can be ordered with many other treats to ensure you are fully stocked when the trick or treaters come calling.
Bloody Eyes are Delicious and Disgusting
If the thought of consuming brains was not disgusting enough, then why not consider some eyeballs? Vidal Bloody Eye offers the same consistency as the former, complete with a gooey centre.
However, instead of brains, you are now biting into an eyeball that always seems to be looking at you.
Fear not, as the terrifying treats are delicious, and another perfect addition to candy cauldrons.
Try Out the Terrifying Tuck Shop Psycho Skulls This Halloween
There is no denying that skulls are scary, so those looking for screams in sweet form will love the terrifying Tuck Shop Psycho Skulls.
Not only are the scrumptious skulls perfect for Halloween, but they’re also an important reminder of tuck shops from the past, perfect for those wanting a retro fix.  
Enjoy Classic Halloween Vibes with Vidal Pumpkin Gummies
It is believed the pumpkin carving has roots in Ireland and Scotland, first created in the 19th century. Since then, the carving of the pumpkin has been a tradition carried out in homes all over the world.
Those searching for a spooky sweet that captures the essences of Halloween perfectly will love the Vidal Pumpkin Gummies.
These gummy sweets contain a delicious fruity taste and are the perfect addition to any trick-or-treaters bag of treats.
Zombie Sour Patch Kids Offer the Perfect Balance of Sweet and Sour
Everyone is familiar with Sour Patch Kids, and now fans can enjoy a spooky iteration of these sour treats in the form of Sour Patch Kids Zombies.
The soft and chewy Sour Patch Kids Zombies deliver a sharp sour burst of flavour, followed by a sweet aftertaste.
If you are searching for a sour treat that fits perfectly with the Halloween theme, then look no further than the undead iteration of Sour Patch Kids.
Give the Halloween Tradition a Makeover with Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn
When we hear the word “candy corn”, we are automatically transported to the Halloween season, as it is not difficult to understand why. Although more popular in the USA, the connection between candy corn and Halloween has been reflected in popular culture for decades.
Although candy corn is a delicious treat, some may want to innovate the way trick or treaters enjoy classic treats, and the Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn is the perfect treat for this.
Trolli is well recognised for its bold and bodacious take on classic candies, and the Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn is no exception.
Rather than the conventional colours of candy corn, those who try the Trolli iteration will be met with bright vibrant colours and a tangy taste. If you thought candy corn was past its sell-by-date, why not sample Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn?
Lick a Lollipop with a Difference with Day of the Dead Pops
The Day of the Dead is a holiday that takes place in Mexico during November. While not an official Halloween tradition, it is another excellent excuse to try some innovative treats.
Bee Halloween Day of the Dead Pops features the Dia de Muertos skull designs, and each contains a delicious strawberry flavour.
As well as being a tasty treat, the bee Halloween Day of the Dead Pops are also perfect for creating original centrepieces for parties.
Treat Party Guests to the Trick ‘n’ Mix Halloween Sweets Sharing Platter
Halloween is more than trick or treating, as it can also be an excellent excuse for a party. Whether you are planning a party for the children, or a celebration for the adults, the Trick ‘n’ Mix Hallow Sweets Sharing Platter will always be a sure-fire hit.
Delicious retro sweets are partnered with Halloween-inspired treats that will be loved by all in attendance.
Bite into a wide selection of ghoulish treats, including brains bursting with goo, chewy eyeballs, and delicious pumpkins.
Trick ‘n’ Mix Halloween Sweet Buckets are Loved by Adults and Children
As well as the tempting Halloween Sweets Sharing Platter, So Sweet can also offer a wide selection of premade treats, including the Trick ‘n’ Mix Halloween Sweets Bucket.
The 2 kg bucket is full of fizzy and gummy treats designed with the Halloween theme in mind, including fizzy fangs and scary snakes.
The treats listed are only an overview of the delicious sweets available when shopping with So Sweet.
As well as providing a wide range of retro treats, So Sweet can also offer treats from all over the world, always allowing choice regarding treats, savoury snacks and beverages.