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Enjoy the power of sour with our collection of the most sour sweets on the planet. Shop sour sweets, sour soda, sour gels and more.
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Welcome to Your Ultimate Sour Candy Destination

Greetings, adventurous taste seekers! Step into SoSweet's captivating realm of sour sweets, where each bite promises a vivid burst of tangy excitement. Prepare for an unparalleled flavour journey with some of the globe’s most thrilling sour candies, including Warheads and Toxic Waste, known for their intense zest and unforgettable taste profiles.

Global Adventures in Sour Flavour

Travel through SoSweet's extensive sour sweets collection, where each selection is handpicked for its unique zest and appeal. Relish the sharp tang of our mega sour sweets, featuring classic favourites like piquant lemon zests and bold cherry pops. Don't miss our sharp apple twists—a true test of your taste endurance!

Exceptional Quality Sour Sweets

Embark on a sensory expedition with our Sour Blast range, where innovation meets intense flavour. Elevate your sour experience with iconic selections like Sour Patch Kids and Warheads, which are not merely candies, but a challenge to your taste buds with their explosive sour power.

Nationwide Delivery of Intense Sour Sweets

Are you ready to challenge your palate, UK candy lovers? Our sour sweets are dispatched across the country in pristine condition, ready for you to face the ultimate sour challenge. Trust SoSweet for swift delivery of your favourite fizzy sweets and tangy delights. These treats are intensely sour and incredibly irresistible!

Become a Sour Candy Champion Today

Rally all sour aficionados! It's time to delve into the tangy spectrum with our sour candy drink and the awe-inspiring family-size Sour Patch Kids. Challenge yourself with our Sour Patch, Warheads, and Toxic Waste collections. This adventure is not for the faint-hearted—it's a sour escapade unlike any other!

The Complete Sour Sweets Experience

At SoSweet, we're passionate about elevating your candy experience. Our carefully selected range includes all you need for a full sour candy adventure. From the fizzy belts that sizzle to the chewy gummies that make you pucker, our portfolio includes renowned brands such as:

  • Sour Patch Kids: Soft, chewy, and packed with a tangy punch.
  • Warheads: Known for their face-contorting sour levels.
  • Haribo Tangfastics: A perfect blend of sour, sweet, and irresistible textures.
  • Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers: Vividly colourful, deliciously tangy.
  • Toxic Waste: Arguably the most extreme sour candy available.
  • Sour Skittles: Fruit-flavoured candies with a mouth-watering sour twist.
  • Sour Punch Straws: Perfect for those who love a tangy, chewable treat.

Celebrate Every Occasion with Sour Sweets

Whether it’s a birthday, a holiday, or any celebration, our sour candies add a zesty flair to any event. Our sour sweets are more than just treats; they’re an experience. Explore our range and discover the perfect way to add a tangy twist to your festivities.

Join Our Sweet Revolution

Visit our website SoSweet today and join a community of sweet lovers who dare to explore the tangy edges of taste. With our next-day delivery service, comprehensive selection, and unwavering commitment to quality, SoSweet is your ultimate destination for all things sour.

Enjoy a world-class sour sweets experience that only SoSweet can provide. Make every day a bit more exciting with a taste of our unmatched sour confections.

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