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Rude Chocolate Bars

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Show Your Friends and Family You Love Them: Insult Them with Rude Chocolate Bars Regardless of whether you are saying thank you to friends and family or seducing a loved one, chocolate plays a vital role in showing people how much they mean to you. However, if you are looking for gifts for someone with a raunchier nature than most, then you will need chocolate perfect for the occasion.

Is Your Friend a Wa***r? Show Them with Chocolate

Looking for a gift for the mate who drinks too much and makes a show of themselves? Or maybe you are wanting to show someone exactly how irritating they can be without hurting their feelings. The Wanka bar is perfect for those wanting to pass on some passive aggression, while making it known the name of the chocolate is not a coincidence.

Give the Perfect Embodiment of a Gaybar

Combing the innocent Galaxy and Milky Way into one chocolate bar gives us the Gaybar, a gift that can be given followed by the line “I’ve got something to put in you.” Perfect for partners and fans of the song that celebrates the fun-loving nature of a gay bar.

Tell Friends What You Think with the Twat Chocolate Bar

Being insulted has never tasted so good, thanks to the introduction of the Twat Chocolate Bar. Smashing together the Twix and KitKat has had a rude outcome, but it is one that will raise a laugh. Regardless of whether you want to bring someone down a few pegs, or simply want someone to know they are the special twat in your life, then this chocolate bar is the perfect choice.

Make Friends and Loved Ones Winces with the Minge Bar

It must be said that minge is one of the most horrendous words in the world, so why not celebrate its rudeness and rub up someone the wrong way with the Minge chocolate. At first glance, they may assume they are going to be enjoying Minstrels or Fudge. But no, it is Minge. If you are searching for a memorable gift that will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, then the Minge bar is for you.

The C**ty Bar is Perfect for Part-Time Cu**s

Searching for gifts for people who are not quite a cunt can be challenging, but if they are only a bit cunty, then the Cu**y Chocolate Bar is perfect. The Cu**y is perfect for friends and family who are alright most of the time but can be a bit cunty when the need arises. The Fuc**r Bar is a Compliment in Disguise (But Doesn’t Have to Be) The term ‘fuc**r’ can often be a term of endearment, so if you are trying to find the perfect gift for your fucker of a friend, then the Fuc**r Bar is the cocoa-based treat for you. Of course, fucker can have different meanings, so if someone is merely getting too much of late, then why not create some distance with the brilliant Fuc**r Chocolate Bar.

Tasteful Chocolate? My Arse!

‘The Royle Family’ was not only the brainchild of the late great Caroline Aherne but was also the introduction of Ricky Tomilson’s iconic quote ‘my arse.’ Of course, the phrase has been used for hundreds of years, but the birth of the popular series meant a whole new generation could experience this historic display of disbelief. If you have friends or family that talk out of their arse, or you just want to give a subtle overview of how you currently feel, then the Arse Chocolate Bar is an essential treat.

Give Your Man the Red Light with Finger Me

Are you sick of dropping subtle hints that you require some time with your partner? Then why not spell out the obvious with the Finger Me Chocolate Bar. This innovative bar of chocolate is also perfect for a partner who may be missing the mark once the lights go out

Bring on the Booty

Although the Booty Bar is not as rude as other chocolate bars in the range, it is the ideal introductory point for those looking for insults that may fly over the radar. The Booty Bar can also be the perfect gift for those who like big butts and cannot deny.

Can You Smell S**t? The Fun-Loving Nature of the Farties Chocolate Bar

When among friends, the blaming of farts on other people is second nature to most, but there can be some people that leave equivalent to a mushroom cloud lingering in the environment. What starts as high junks soon leads to regret and choking, so why take the taste out of your mouth with the Farties Chocolate Bar. Not only does the Farties Bar taste great, it is also ideal for those who cannot stop breaking wind. It will not help them with their farting, but the name of the chocolate bar lets them know you are fully aware of their troublesome bowels.

Not Sure Who to Insult First? Why Not Choose the Full Set?

Being able to buy rude chocolate is something we cannot always do, so many will want to embrace the moment and collect as many gift ideas as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can purchase the full set of Rude Chocolate Bares at a reduced rate, allowing for even more value for money. Although the Rude Chocolate Bars are designed with humour in mind, it is another aspect of So Sweet Shop that shows how diverse it is with its diversity of treats, making it the perfect platform for all gift ideas.
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