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Gluten Free Sweets

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Browse through our extensive range of Gluten free sweets and find your favourite. At SoSweet we believe everyone should enjoy sweets, you'll find our range of gluten free sweets surprisingly good, not just flying saucers but also new gluten free sweets to test your taste buds! From old favouties like Dolly Mixtures, Midget Gems, Wine Gums, Mint Imperials and American Hard Gums.

Extensive range of Classic Gluten Free Sweets

We stock a huge range of classic English confectionary too such as individually wrapped sweets that are gluten free. Our growing collection also includes gluten free retro hard candy such as the tuck shop favourite Kola Cubes, mouth-watering Pear Drops, classic hard boiled sweets and gluten free chewy sweets such as Spearmint Chews, who doesn't love a Spearmint Chew? And many many more including gluten free chocolate sweets!

Gluten Free Pick n Mix

Can't decide on one sweet? Don't want to be tied to buying a sweet tub with just one flavour? Then our gluten free pick and mix collection will blow your mind, seriously. Our collection of gluten free pick and mix sweets also includes unforgettable favourites such as fizzy cola bottles, even the large fizzy cola bottles and the slightly newer fizzy cherry cola bottles, other cola sweets and even the sweet shop favourite milk bottles. From chocolate fruits to pineapple cubes, if you're looking for gluten free sweets then you're spoilt for choice!

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