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Cadbury's is a British multinational confectionery company best known for its chocolate products. The company was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury, and it has since become one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world, for a good reason too.

Cadbury produces a wide range of chocolate products, including chocolate bars, boxed chocolates, and seasonal treats. Some of its most popular products include Dairy Milk, Flake, Crunchie, Wispa, and Roses.

Cadbury is known for its signature purple packaging and distinctive logo, featuring a stylized cocoa pod image. The company is also well known for its marketing campaigns, which often feature catchy slogans and memorable advertisements.

Over the years, they have consistently made a range of best-selling chocolate, including the classic and unmistakable Dairy Milk, famous for its 'half a glass of milk' in every bar.

Our Dairy Milk range is now one of the largest online featuring classic 95g chocolate barlarge, white Oreo, Caramel, Cadbury Chocolate Buttons in original, large and Orange too!

Dairy Milk is also famous for its unique texture and has spawned many editions such as Daim, Marvellous Creations, classic Fruit and Nut, Turkish Delight, new Oreo, and of course, Hazelnut which has been a best seller for some 40 years!

This incredible chocolate has dominated the chocolate market since its birth in 1824; Dairy Milk chocolate is featured in other ranges, which include Freddo (including Strawberry), Caramel Koalas, Dairy Milk Buttons, Cream Egg, Roses, Heros, and countless others!

In addition to its chocolate products, Cadbury has also diversified into other areas of the confectionery market, including gum, mints, and candy. The company has a strong global presence, with operations in more than 50 countries around the world.

We're extremely fond of Cadburys at SoSweet as they always bring back fond memories for us, and our many loyal customers and their range of chocolates and sweets is truly timeless.

Cadburys also manufactures a seasonal range of Dairy Milk chocolate products, including advent calendars, selection boxes, and bags of chocolate sweets such as Eclairs. We also stock the old school old, skool favourites, including Chomp, 80's favourites, including Rum and Raisin, along with their chocolate bar range featuring Wispa, Caramel, and thank Friday it's Crunchie!

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