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@lollylovesfooduk reviews our Lockdown Mystery Box ?

@lollylovesfooduk reviews our Lockdown Mystery Box ? - SoSweet

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Love food? You'll love @lollylovesfooduk on Instagram! They showcase recipes, restaurants and food subscription services and offer an honest and thorough review! They recently purchased one of Lockdown Mystery Boxes, unbeknown to us, and put it to the test! We wanted to share their awesome review with you! We promise we haven't paid them to say this! ?

"I’m a huge fan of American confectionery mainly because there are so many unique concepts & flavours and the packaging is always bright & eye-catching. Whenever I visit the US I’ll always make sure that I stock up on loads of goodies, so when I saw an advert for SoSweet I was instantly intrigued! SoSweet have a full online store offering tonnes of different American confectionery items plus ‘Lockdown Mystery Boxes’ which are available in five different sizes. I was immediately curious by the mystery boxes so placed an order straight away.

The order took two days to arrive with DPD which is always great to see as I know this company have a good contactless delivery system in place (plus I can track the driver on their app!). My mystery box was securely packaged and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of different items inside. I received a wide variety of products which included sweets, savoury snacks, chocolate and fizzy drink.  I’m really excited to try the Pop Tarts & Nerds as these items definitely bring back some childhood nostalgia.

One thing that surprised me with this order was the price, I’ve often been put off ordering American products from companies based in the UK because their pricing can be very high. However, I found SoSweet to be extremely reasonable and was very pleased with the price I paid for all of these items.

Overall I’d highly recommend SoSweet, the ordering process was straightforward and I’m very impressed with my mystery box. If you love American snacks then you’ll love this box!"

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