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Top 10 Retro Pick n Mix Sweets for a Nostalgic Treat

Top 10 Retro Pick n Mix Sweets for a Nostalgic Treat - SoSweet

Jason Stanley |

Retro sweets hold a special charm, evoking memories of childhood days and simpler times. At SoSweet, we have a collection that takes you back to those golden days. Here’s a look at the top 10 retro Pick n Mix sweets that continue to delight sweet enthusiasts of all ages.

1. Cola Bottles: A Fizzy Classic

The Cola Bottles are a timeless favourite. Their fizzy, tangy taste captures the essence of cola in a gummy form, making them a top pick for retro sweet lovers.


2. White Snowies: A Creamy Delight

White Snowies offer a creamy, chocolatey taste, sprinkled with a coating of crunchy sugar. They are a must-have for those who love a sweet that melts in the mouth.


3. Flying Saucers: An Out-of-this-World Experience

The iconic Flying Saucers are a unique treat. These colourful wafer discs filled with tangy sherbet are a sensory delight, both in taste and texture.


4. Traditional Strawberry Bon Bons: A Burst of Berry Flavour

Traditional Strawberry Bon Bons are the perfect blend of sweet and fruity. Their chewy centre and powdery coating make them a delightful indulgence.


5. Pink and White Mice: A Chocolaty Nostalgia Trip

The Pink and White Mice are a whimsical addition to any sweet collection. Their smooth chocolate flavour and playful shape have been a favourite for generations.


6. Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee: A Crunchy Treat

For a taste of nostalgia with a crunch, Chocolate Covered Cinder Toffee is a perfect choice. The combination of airy toffee and rich chocolate is simply irresistible.

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7. Coconut Mushrooms: A Unique Flavour Combination

Coconut Mushrooms offer a delightful texture and taste combination. The chewy base and desiccated coconut topping make them a unique and sought-after treat.


8. Dolly Mixtures: A Colourful Assortment

The Dolly Mixtures are a visual and flavourful feast. This mix of jellies, fondants, and soft candies is a true retro classic, beloved by children and adults alike.

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9. Swizzels Retro Mix: A Trip Down Memory Lane

For a variety of retro flavours, the Swizzels Retro Mix is unbeatable. It features a mix of all-time favourites, offering a bit of everything for everyone.

10. Exploring More Retro Sweets and Pick n Mix Options

To discover more retro sweet delights, explore SoSweet's Retro Sweets and Pick n Mix collections. From nostalgic treats to beloved classics, these collections are sure to bring back sweet memories.

Conclusion: A Sweet Trip Down Memory Lane with SoSweet

Retro sweets are more than just confections; they are a celebration of memories and joy. Each sweet in our top 10 list offers a unique taste of nostalgia, perfect for reliving the sweet moments of the past. At SoSweet, we take pride in bringing you a collection that is as rich in history as it is in flavour. Whether you're reminiscing about the past or introducing these classics to a new generation, our retro sweets are sure to delight.