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The 2023 International Pizza Challenge: A Celebration of Global Pizza Excellence

The 2023 International Pizza Challenge: A Celebration of Global Pizza Excellence - SoSweet

Barry Pate |

The International Pizza Challenge (IPC) is not just a competition, it's a celebration of the world's most beloved food - pizza. This year, the competition was fiercer than ever, with pizzaiolos from all corners of the globe converging in Las Vegas to vie for the title of "Best Pizza Maker". Five divisions - Traditional, Non-Traditional, Pan, CMAB California Style and Neapolitan/STG - set the stage for a breathtaking display of culinary skill and innovation.

The Champions of 2023

The coveted title of 'Best of the Best Champion' was clinched by Nick Banker of Upper Crust Pizza, Akron, OH, showcasing his exceptional pizza making skills to the world. In an equally impressive display, Joe Carlucci of Valentina's Pizzeria & Wine Bar, Madison, AL, took home the 'Pizza Maker of the Year' title. Their triumph is a testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication to the art of pizza making.

Division Winners

The Traditional and Non-Traditional divisions saw a wide array of unique and mouth-watering pizzas. The Traditional Division was dominated by Gemma Cataldo from Antonios Italian Ristorant, Elkhart, IN, while the Non-Traditional Division crowned Joe Carlucci as its champion. With their creative approaches to pizza making, these champions set new standards for pizza excellence. Meanwhile, the CMAB Professional and Student divisions were won by Ivory Yat Vaksman and Natthapol Khunyodyin respectively, affirming the future of pizza making is in capable hands. The Pizza Napoletana Division, a homage to the birthplace of pizza, was led by Pasquale Yoann Mormile from Pizzeria Pulcinella 01, Bourg en Bresse, France. Finally, in the Pan Division, Eduardo Ramirez from Dtown Pizzeria, Los Angeles, CA, came out on top with his perfect pan pizza.

Celebrating Pizza at Home

Of course, not all of us can attend the Pizza Expo or craft our own award-winning pies. But fear not, pizza lovers, because at SoSweet, we have a delicious way for you to get your pizza fix! Our Pringles Pizza Flavour crisps are a customer favourite, delivering that familiar, satisfying pizza taste in a convenient, snackable form. Whether you're watching the IPC highlights or simply chilling at home, these crisps are the perfect way to celebrate your love for pizza. Enjoy the distinctive flavours of Pringles Pizza crisps and join in the global pizza celebration today!