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Nurture Your Nostalgia with Some Delicious Treats from the Past

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It is easy to assume that the sweets we enjoyed as a child were unique to that time, but the truth is there are many types of treats that have been popular for over a century.
Depending on when you grew up, the treat can differ greatly. For example, those who grew during the 1940s will be familiar with various boiled sweet options, whereas those who grew up during the 1990s will often remember daring and wacky treats that often played on the extreme nature of the decade.
It is hard to imagine that the concept of confectionary dates to 2000BC, albeit in a primitive form. Egyptians would create confectionaries out of naturally sourced ingredients including nuts, honey and fruit.
However, it would be in 1847 that the first modern iteration of a candy bar would be introduced, courtesy of Joseph Fry, who would create a machine that allowed a paste to be fitted inside a mould.
Although taken for granted nowadays, the process changed the confectionary industry forever, and paved the way for many new innovations of chocolate.
The following is an overview of some the classic sweets that have been introduced over the years, many of which can still be enjoyed today.
The Turn of the Century: Treats Introduced during the 1900s  
Between 1900 and 1910, wine gums, gobstoppers, aniseed balls and jelly babies were created.
The conception of wine gums derived from an idea by Charles Gordon Maynard, who wished to create a sweet aimed at adults. Despite the name of the treat, wine gums have never contained wine, which can be attributed to Maynard not wanting to upset his teetotal father.
Aniseed balls were first created in 1910, although the treat created using aniseed oil would become popular during the Second World War, and served a role in the military, as they were used to trigger limpet mines.
Chocolate was popular during this time, although this was often considered a luxury when compared to the other treats available.
The sweet industry boomed during the 1930s, with the classic KitKat being introduced, as well as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crips, a competitor that failed to garner the same traction.
Shortages During the Second World War Did Not Mean Lack of Options regarding Sweets
During the 1940s, the standard of the chocolate would decrease, mainly due to ingredients like milk being rationed during the Second World War.
However, sweet manufactures worked diligently to create delicious treats with the ingredients available and helped create some of the classic sweets many have fond memories of, including cola cubes and lemon sherbets.
Although the sweet industry was still experiencing the ramifications of the Second World War, the 1950s saw more innovative and memorable treats unveiled, including the classic Sherbet Dip, Black Jacks and Fruit Salads chews.
Many also found the range of treats available were becoming more affordable, allowing children to visit their local sweet shop and create their own perfect pick n mix.
This trend continued into the 1960s, whereas well as experiencing some of the treats that had been introduced years prior, were also able to appreciate new additions including the Crème Egg by Cadbury's and Opal Fruits, which would later be renamed to their Stateside alter ego, Starburst.
The Seventies, Eighties and Nineties Introduced More Daring and Delicious Treats
Although many have enjoyed the diversity of sherbet long before the 1970s, an introduction of innovative products meant everyone felt the fizz during the disco era.
During the 1980s, taffy became popular, and many brands became a staple of tuck shops and sweets shops around the United Kingdom, including Wham Bars and Drumsticks.
During the mid-1980s, cards included with bubble gum would also become popular, with Garbage Pail Kids being a popular brand, which has been reinvented recently due to their soaring popularity in the past.
Chew bars continued to be popular in the 90s, with tang being the focus of confectionary. Examples of this were seen with the lemon-flavoured Refresher bar and the tangy orange Dan Bar, which was based on the iconic ‘Dandy’ character, Desperate Dan.
Although there have been new additions made to confectionary, they do not always offer the same experience as sweets created in the past hold.
Fortunately, there is no need to make do with lacklustre options, as there are options available that help ensure you can purchase the treats you remember, and relive the same taste sensation you did all those years ago,
How to Find Nostalgic Sweets that Taste Like They Always Did
Although there are brands that attempt to relive the nostalgic element of experiencing sweets, the results can sometimes be lacklustre. Fortunately, those searching for the real deal regarding nostalgic sweets and pick n mix can make an order online and choose from hundreds of different treats.
In fact, rather than making do with limited options, you will be wondering where to start, as all the memories come flooding back.
Choosing a professional when searching for nostalgic sweets ensures that the treat you ae craving is always in stock and can be delivered to your door promptly.