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Discover Our Exquisite 2kg Fizzy, Jelly Sweets + Vidal Lotta Lollies Collection - Curated by Experts

Discover Our Exquisite 2kg Fizzy, Jelly Sweets + Vidal Lotta Lollies Collection - Curated by Experts - SoSweet

Jason Stanley |

Cross the threshold into SoSweet’s enchanting realm where each sweet, from the fizzy to the jelly, is a gem waiting to be discovered. Our exclusive 2kg collection of Fizzy, Jelly Sweets + Vidal Lotta Lollies is not just a bag of sweets—it’s a portal to a world brimming with wonder and delight. Unwrap this magical collection and let each sweet transport you to the nostalgic corners of a quaint old sweet shop, where every flavour tells a story.

Discover Treasures Galore:

In the heart of SoSweet’s wonderland, expert hands gather the most beloved sweets, creating a tapestry of taste that dances across the palate. Our collection showcases the vibrant Fizzy Jelly Mix, bursting with zest, alongside the Jelly Mix, each piece a soft whisper of flavour. These sweets are not merely chosen; they are selected with love and care, ensuring every mouthful is as joyous as the last.

The Star Attractions:

Behold the magnificent Vidal Lotta Lollies, a spectacle of colours and tastes. From the mesmerising Sour Tongue Painter Blue Raspberry that paints your tongue with bursts of sour blue raspberry to the enchanting swirls of the Rainbow Belts, each lolly and belt is a masterpiece, crafted to give you a slice of sweetness like no other.

Embrace the Magic:

Now, dear sweet lover, is your chance to hold a piece of this magic in your hands. Perfect for celebrating life’s little moments, gifting to a dear friend, or simply indulging your own sweet cravings, the 2kg Fizzy, Jelly Sweets + Vidal Lotta Lollies Collection invites you to relish in its rich tapestry of flavours. With a limited-time 10% anniversary discount, secure your magical collection today and let each sweet cast its spell over your senses, transporting you to the cherished days of yore in a traditional sweet shop.