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Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort

Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort - SoSweet

Barry Pate |

In the dynamic world of retail, innovation and entrepreneurship drive progress. This is as true in our industry of sweet treats as it is in the broader retail landscape. As a proud online sweets retailer, we at SoSweet celebrate our fellow entrepreneurs and continually draw inspiration from their achievements.

Today, we'd like to take a moment to applaud a particularly exciting initiative by the Target Accelerators team - the announcement of the inaugural Target Forward Founders 2021 cohort.

A Commitment to Inclusive Entrepreneurship

This program has been carefully crafted to empower historically under-resourced founders, aiding them in their journey to becoming part of the next wave of wealth-generating companies. By leveraging Target's immense scale and privilege, the initiative seeks to democratize access to education and resources, a vision we at SoSweet deeply resonate with.

Starting on July 13, the first program of this kind will launch, featuring a diverse cohort of brands across multiple product categories such as personal care & beauty, food & beverage, entertainment, home, and baby.

A Virtual Platform for Exponential Growth

Operating 100% virtually, this 8-week program aims to bring custom curriculum, leadership from distinguished Founders in Residence, dynamic speakers, and meaningful mentorship to all participants. Each aspect of the program is tailored to provide these innovative brands with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive.

From companies like Bathe Brand LLC, creating intentional bathing rituals, to FLAUNTBODY, innovating in human body care, the cohort is an exciting blend of visionary brands. Moisture Love LLC is transforming dry hair into healthy, hydrated locks while House of Isis is healing with 100% vegan hair and skin care products.

Food and beverage companies such as Awesome Bites Co and Buzz Lite are transforming our eating and drinking experiences, and entertainment ventures like Remember Me, Card Game are connecting people through genuine conversations. There's a wealth of innovation and ambition within this group, and we're excited to follow their journeys.

Celebrating Innovation

While each of these brands is unique, they all share a common thread - a commitment to innovation. Whether it's huppy's sustainable personal-care brand, iwi fresh's farm-to-skin approach, or Harlem Chocolate Factory's artisanal chocolates capturing the cultural experiences of Harlem, these companies are pushing boundaries and reshaping their respective industries.

As we at SoSweet continually strive to provide our customers with the finest sweets and confectionery from around the globe, we're inspired by such initiatives that foster entrepreneurship and innovation. The Target Forward Founders cohort is a testament to the power of inclusive entrepreneurship, and we congratulate all the participants as they embark on this exciting journey.

We believe that, much like our offerings, the retail industry is best when it’s diverse and inclusive, full of different flavors, textures, and tastes. Here’s to the Target Forward Founders 2021 Cohort, a group that is surely adding a whole new level of 'sweetness' to the entrepreneurial landscape.