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Are Haribo Sweets British?

Are Haribo Sweets British? - SoSweet

Jason Stanley |

Are Haribo Sweets British? Discovering the Delightful Truth

Haribo, a powerhouse in the candy industry, known for its vibrant array of gummy sweets, often leaves consumers pondering: Are Haribo sweets British? As we dive into the sugary saga of Haribo, let’s explore its origins, its deep connection to the UK, and some surprising trivia that even devout fans might not know.

Origins: A German Legacy

The story of Haribo begins in 1920 in a small kitchen in Bonn, Germany, where founder Hans Riegel Sr. crafted the first gummy candies. The brand's name—Haribo—stands as an acronym derived from Hans Riegel, Bonn, marking its quintessentially German inception. It was here that the iconic Goldbears were created, setting the stage for a global confectionery revolution.

Haribo’s British Chapter

While Haribo is inherently German, its roots in the UK run deep. The brand made a significant leap into the British market in the 1990s by acquiring Dunhills, a confectioner known for Pontefract Cakes, a traditional British liquorice. This pivotal move not only broadened Haribo’s product line but also solidified its manufacturing presence in the UK with factories in Pontefract and Castleford. As a result, Haribo has embedded itself within the British confectionery landscape.

Haribo’s British Favourites

Haribo’s adaptation to British tastes is showcased in its diverse product offerings. At SoSweet, we feature a wide selection of Haribo sweets that cater to every preference:

  • Haribo Supermix: Enjoy the creamy, smooth textures mixed with the classic gummy feel.
  • Haribo Starmix: A star-studded collection of all-time favourites that include bears, rings, and cola bottles.
  • Haribo Tangfastics: A tangy twist on the traditional, with a sour kick to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Haribo Giant Strawbs: Perfect for those who seek a vegetarian-friendly option without compromising on flavour.
  • Explore more with our Haribo Jelly Tubs and Haribo Tubs, ideal for sharing or indulging in a sweet binge.

Fun Trivia: Did You Know?

  • Cinema Sweet Spot: Haribo Goldbears had a cameo in the iconic bicycle flying scene in E.T., blending Hollywood glamour with gummy charm.
  • Inspiration Behind the Gummy Bear: The initial concept was inspired by the street-performing bears seen across Europe in the early 20th century.
  • Secret Behind the Shine: Haribo gummies are coated with beeswax or carnauba wax, not just for their inviting gloss, but to prevent sticking and maintain freshness.

Conclusion: German Roots, British Love

To answer the question: No, Haribo sweets are not British by origin, but the UK has played a crucial role in their history and production. The blend of German heritage and British manufacturing has made Haribo a beloved brand in the UK.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, exploring Haribo’s range at SoSweet offers a delicious peek into a world where every gummy tells a story.