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Sour Patch Kids

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Using characters in candy is something witnessed in many iterations over the years. One of the most common candies in this regard is Jelly Babies, but there have been many gummy-themed treats that are based on people, animals, and even aliens. Despite the amount of gummies made available in the past, Sour Patch Kids are a brand of treats that made an impression in many parts of the world.

What Are Sour Patch Kids?

In short, Sour Patch Kids are soft gummy candy coated in sweet and sour sugar. When consuming a Sour Patch Kid, there is a sour taste, which is soon followed by a burst of sweetness. However, there are many iterations that can up the ante regarding this experience, including Sour Patch Kids Peg Bag Extreme.

When Were Sour Patch Kids Invented?

Although Sour Patch Kids may seem like a new addition to the world of sweets, they have actually been in production since 1985 in the USA. Sour Patch Kids have become one of the many treats associated with the cinema in the US, and because Sour Patch Kids were created in the 1980s, there have been many spin-offs of the iconic sweet. However, the British version of Sour Patch Kids was introduced in 2012, and has few options for people searching for something delicious. Although the British iteration of Sour Patch Kids are tasty, there will be those searching for the authentic taste of the American original.

What Are The Sour Patch Kid Flavours?

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding Sour Patch Kids is what flavors are available. In their original guise, Sour Patch Kids offered lemon, lime, cherry and orange. However, new additions have been added over the years, including Blue Raspberry, and the many US spin-offs mean there are hundreds of flavours to explore within the Sour Patch Kids range. Those wanting Sour Patch Kids for movie night can ensure they have an authentic experience courtesy of the Sour Patch Kids Theatre Box Extreme. If you are searching for Sour Patch Kids that come in different designs, including Sour Patch Candy Canes and Sour Patch Big Heads. In short, anything you are searching regarding Sour Patch Kids can be found when browsing SoSweet. Those who shop for Sour Patch Kids with SoSweet cannot only be confident of prompt and tracked delivery, but also a wide choice of other imported snacks that offer an authentic taste and not a cheap imitation.
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