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20 Bite-Size Moments: Iconic Sweets & Snacks from Your Favourite Movies and TV Shows

20 Bite-Size Moments: Iconic Sweets & Snacks from Your Favourite Movies and TV Shows - SoSweet

Barry Pate |

Welcome, Sweet Lovers! Today at SoSweet, we're taking a delicious stroll down memory lane as we explore some of the most memorable snacks and sweets featured in your favourite movies and TV shows. From E.T. to Breaking Bad, these treats have not only made our screens a little sweeter, but have also become iconic symbols within pop culture. As you read, don’t forget to check out our American candy collection to find your favourite on-screen snacks!

Funyuns Onion Rings

1. Breaking Bad - Funyuns Onion Rings

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman had a unique penchant for the crispy and flavourful Funyuns Onion Rings. Now, you can experience the same delicious taste that was once Jesse's comfort food in the midst of chaos. Funyuns Onion Rings are available in our shop, perfect for your next binge-watch session!

2. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - Reese’s Pieces

E.T. made Reese’s Pieces a cinematic icon. Tempt your taste buds with our selection of Reese's treats, and recreate this heartwarming movie moment at home.

3. Harry Potter - Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Get a magical taste of Hogwarts with Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Our American Candy collection hosts a range of sweets to enchant your palate just like Harry's favourite bean.

4. Stranger Things - Eggo Waffles

Relive Eleven's waffle obsession with our Kellogg’s Eggo Chocolate Waffle Cereal. While we can't promise a trip to the Upside Down, we guarantee a delicious breakfast experience.

5. Friends - Oreos

Friends made us laugh, cry, and crave for Oreos! Visit our Oreo collection to enjoy Ross's comfort snack!

6. Elf - Maple Syrup

Buddy the Elf's love for maple syrup on spaghetti left us all bewildered yet curious. While we don't have that strange combination, you can explore our range of American Cakes & Snacks for other delightful treats!

7. The Parent Trap - Oreos and Peanut Butter

The love for Oreos and Peanut Butter was a shared secret between the twins in The Parent Trap. For a similar experience, we have an extensive range of American chocolates and Oreos that will perfectly pair with peanut butter!

8. Forrest Gump - Box of Chocolates

As Forrest Gump says, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Embrace this spirit with our range of American Chocolates!

9. The Goonies - Baby Ruth Candy Bars

In The Goonies, Sloth's love for Baby Ruth candy bars was heartwarming. Why not try one of our other American Chocolates for a reminiscent moment?

10. The Simpsons - Donuts

While we may not have Homer Simpson's iconic pink sprinkled donuts, our American Cakes & Snacks section holds a plethora of mouthwatering options to choose from!

There you have it, Sweet Lovers! Ten iconic treats from the world of movies and TV, each holding a unique place in our hearts. Now it's time to add them to your snack stash. Head over to SoSweet Shop and let the delicious nostalgia take over. Happy snacking!

11. Seinfeld - Junior Mints

In a memorable Seinfeld episode, Kramer accidentally drops a Junior Mint from the viewing gallery into a patient during surgery! For a lighter (and safer) Junior Mint experience, check out our minty selection in the American Candy collection.

12. Pulp Fiction - $5 Milkshake

Pulp Fiction made us wonder, what does a $5 Milkshake taste like? While we might not know, we do have an array of delicious, creamy, and refreshing American drinks that will tantalise your taste buds.

13. The Office (US) - Pretzels

Who could forget the episode where Michael Scott spends his entire day waiting for a pretzel? While you binge-watch The Office, accompany your session with a variety of snacks from our American Snacks section.

14. Spongebob Squarepants - Krabby Patty

The mystery of the Krabby Patty’s secret formula has intrigued us all. While we can't provide the secret Krusty Krab recipe, our American Snacks can surely satisfy your Bikini Bottom cravings!

15. Game of Thrones - Lemon Cakes

Lemon Cakes were Sansa Stark's favourite in Game of Thrones. Take a journey to Westeros with our assortment of sweet and tangy treats in our American Cakes & Snacks collection.

16. Twin Peaks - Cherry Pie

Twin Peaks made cherry pies iconic. Get into the mood of mystery with our range of American Cakes & Snacks, perfect for your next Twin Peaks marathon.

17. The Big Bang Theory - Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake

Penny's workplace, the Cheesecake Factory, is frequently mentioned in The Big Bang Theory. Get your cheesecake fix from our collection of American Cakes & Snacks.

18. The Sopranos - Gabagool (Capicola)

The Sopranos made us curious about Gabagool (Capicola). While we don't offer this Italian deli meat, explore our collection of American Snacks for a tasty accompaniment to your next Sopranos watch!

19. The Simpsons - Duff Beer

While we can't serve up a chilled Duff Beer like Homer Simpson's favourite, our selection of American Drinks offer an assortment of taste experiences that will keep you refreshed.

20. Stranger Things - Eggos

Eleven's love for Eggos in Stranger Things sparked renewed interest in these frozen waffles. Get your hands on our exclusive Kellogg's Eggo Chocolate Waffle Cereal to channel your inner Eleven.

So there we have it, 20 iconic treats from the reel world ready to make their appearance in your real world! From our SoSweet Shop to your homes, we bring you a sprinkle of stardust and a lot of flavour. Bon appétit!